• Ana 25/02/2019

      " I am lucky to have registered through Furtherstudies. I got RM800 cashback which covered my registration fees at UNITAR. They provide great consultation too. "
  • Farhan 25/02/2019

      " I was confused on what to study and Furtherstudies did a good job in consulting me and clearing my doubts. Detailed information is given on the preferred field of studies and universities. This helped me select a course which aligns with my interests. "
  • Sangeetha 25/02/2019

      " Furtherstudies introduced me to Industry 4.0. This intrigued me and now I am taking up a cyber security course. I am excited to be able to contribute to the next era of industrial revolution. "
  • Parent Of Student 25/02/2019

      " As a parent, I was able to get a clearer picture on what my daughter is going to study after talking to a consultant from Furtherstudies. I am more aware about her field of studies now instead of knowing just the name of the course. They are very patient in explaining the details even to parents. "

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