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Bachelor Degree : Defining Your Career Pathway

Published by Navin on 03 Mar, 2019


Bachelor degree are typically three to four year program at universities and colleges with specialization option for specific career one interested in. There are hundreds of study options available in term of subject specialization and field of study for students at this tertiary level. At Malaysia, there are hundreds of local and private higher education institutions offering wide range of degree programs to equipt the students with relevent knowledge, skills and training necessary for their career. 


In this article, we will focus more on guiding the Pre-University leavers on the important aspects to consider before planning your bachelor degree and selecting an institution to further studies. 


There is always a misunderstanding among Malaysians where certain segment of the community believe that private universities has quality education compared to government universities and one the other side, another segment of community strongly believe that entering government university is what more assurance to get employment. Both the perspectives are not right. 

Malaysia higher education institutions are often monitored and accredited by a centralized unit called Malaysia Qualifications Agency (MQA) which hold the responsibility to evaluate all programs and ensure the quality is there to produce quality graduate for employments upon graduation. Apart from that, all the institutions are also monitored by certain professional bodies in Malaysia such as Board of Engineers Malaysia for engineering programs, Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) for medical programs, Board of Architects Malaysia for architeture programs and more. Almost all professional programs are monitored where the quality is assured by the respective boards to ensure every university has the syllabus required for the industry.

So, what is the difference studying at local government university versus private institutions? The major difference is in term of the cost of education. Government universities (IPTAs) are being governed and subsidized by government where the cost of tuition fees are way too low and affordable for students. Meanwhile, at private unviersities (IPTS), the cost will be up to ten fold the cost at government universities. The higher cost of education at private institutions are often depends on the type of facilities, industrial recognition, quality of lecturers and the location of the institution itself. There are also quality private institution offering programs at affordable fee which can be covered with PTPTN education loan. For more details, consult us!


Here are some simple tips on selecting the right higher education institution in Malaysia.

1) Check For MQA Accreditation

You can easily go to MQA online portal (Click Here) to select the institution you are interested in and check the accreditation for the program. There are some institutions offering programs without MQA accreditation. Choosing the ones with accreditation will reduce the risk and ensure better employability upon graduation since the programs are accepted nationwide by all companies. More than that, only programs with MQA accreditations will be allowed to obtain PTPTN loan from the government.


2) Get To Know The Complete Program Structure

You can easily obtain the information for any program you are interested in from this website, Alternatively, you can also submit a simple inquiry form to us and we will send you the complete detail of the program you want. It is very important for students to check the course structure of the program and understand eah and every one of the subjects they are about to undertake during the studies. Students should also know the available options for the specialization or known as majoring at some institutions which will determine the career path in future. Although similar programs are offered y several institutions, the options for specialization or majoring varies depending the university's focus area and resources.

For example, Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering at University Technology Petronas (UTP) will be more focussed on chemical plant processes due to their focus area to produce graduates for careers in Oil & Gas and related manufacturing sectors. Meanwhile, the similar program at DRB-HICOM University would be more focussed on automotive sector. Therefore, it is important for students to be clear on which sector they are interested to work in future to make this selection easier.


3) Ask For Complete Fee Structure 

The next important aspect to check on when deciding on the university is the fees. We had received so many complaints from students at certain private institution for not being transparent on the fee structure or charge hidden fees which further burden them. There are also many students who enter private institution and drop-out half-way of their studies due to financial incapabilities.

To avoid all this problems, make sure that you get complete details on the fee structure including the tuition fee, resources fee, any additional fees and the hostel fees. Plan the whole payment timeline clearly so that you able to be prepared financially for it. Also check on the availability of educational loans from PTPTN, MARA, KWSP withdrawal options and etc. Remember not to burden your parents later due to your ignorance or negligence in making this important decision!


4) Ask Around For Testimonies And Feedbacks

Yes! One of the important thing to do in this process is to inquire more people, especially any students studying currently on the institution. This will allow you to get more up-to-date, real comments and feedback from them. What we see or hear on websites, social media and etc wont be the same in reality. It is always better to ask from someone whom experienced it beforehand. You can easily connect to any student of particular institutions through social media, friends or even can inquire us for some testimonies before making the selection.


5) Take A Campus Tour

It is a long-term investment for your future! yes! So, don't be hesitate to take a tour at the institution you are interested in. The tour can allow you to visit the facilities, classes, experience the lifestyle as well as to check on the quality of the institution as whole. You can now easily book for campus visit easily to any institution through our website. Just select any institution of your choice,scroll the page till bottom and you will find the option to 'Book A Campus Visit".


6)  Apply Through Us

If you are planning to further your studies at private institutions at Malaysia, you can now easily apply through us where we will assist you with all the above stated processes and ease your decision making process. We have expert consultants to assist you. More than that, you will be entitled for cashback up to RM 1,500 when apply through us! For more info, just submit your inquiry to us and we'll get back to you.


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