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31 Mar, 2019


31 Dec, 2019

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Malaysia (Private Institution)

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Bachelor Degree



This scholarship offered as a reward to students with outstanding sports achievement at the state and national level. This scholarship is for both Malaysian and International students who have represented the state or the country in any sports competition, three years prior to joining IUKL. Malaysia students are entitled for 100% waiver on tuition fee while International students are entitled 50% waiver on tuition fee throughout their study in IUKL

For Eligibility and Application

Download and complete the list of forms below:

  • CLICK HERE to download IUKL Sports Excellence Scholarship Application Form here
  • CLICK HERE to download IUKL Sports Excellence Scholarship Eligibility Requirement Form here
  • CLICK HERE to download Sports Scholarship Agreement Form here
  • CLICK HERE to download IUKL Sports Scholarship Application Procedure Form here

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