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Pre-University Options In Malaysia

Published by Navin on 03 Mar, 2019


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Pre-University programs are preparatory program for high school leavers before beginning their degree. There are 7 famous pre-university programs in Malaysia that you can consider upon completing SPM. Following are the options you may consider. Pre-University programs are preparatory program for high school leavers before beginning their degree. There are 7 famous pre-university programs in Malaysia that you can consider upon completing SPM. Following are the options you may consider.


Malaysian Higher School Certificate (STPM) is a national program equivalent to A-levels and recognized worldwide by various top universities. In Malaysia, STPM being the choice for students planning to further their studies at Malaysia local higher education institutions (IPTAs). The program is run on modular format beginning year 2012 where students are required to complete three semesters and examinations will be held at end of each semester to be collected for cumulative pointer calculation. Summary of important information you should know about STPM are as below:

18 months

Exam Structure:
20% - 40% Coursework & 60% - 80% Examination

Grading System:
Overall Subject Grade Point (CGPA) (Maximum 4.0)

Offered by:
Government High Schools

Cost of Study:
Low-cost (Government Program)

Suitable for :
Cost-concious students, hardworking and those wish to continue degree at IPTAs


A-levels program are based on UK Cambridge syllabus which is accepted worldwide almost at all universities. It is also considered one of the dificult, yet high quality pre-university program in world which leads students to get the opportunity to further their studies at prestigious universities worldwide. In Malaysia, we have several private institutions offering this program.

Duration :
15 - 24 months

Exam Structure  :
100% Exam-oriented.

Grading System :
Final results will be from A* to E for each subject (AS level contribute 50% & A2 level contribute 50%)

Offered by   :
Private Universities and Colleges in Malaysia

Cost of Study   :
High-cost (RM 15,000 - RM 40,000)

Suitable for :
Students who wish to study at oversea and willing to learn in-dept knowledge on the subject.


To those who wish to study at local universities and in a fast-track, Malaysia Matriculation Program is the option you should consider provided you have obtained good result in SPM examination. This program is funded by government where students study for free with monthly allowances from the government. The program structure is similar to foundation studies where it act as preparatory program for students before persuing thei degree. There are about 13 Matriculation colleges in Malaysia. Apart from our local universities, Malaysia Matriculation Program also being accepted at various neighbouring countries.

Duration :

1 - 2 years

Exam Structure  :
20% (Courseworks), 10% Mid-semester Exam & 70% Final Exam

Grading System :
Overall Subject Grade Point (CGPA) (Maximum 4.0)

Offered by 
Matriculation Colleges in Malaysia

Cost of Study :
No-cost (allowance provided)

Suitable for  : 
Students with good academic result and those who wish to continue their degree at local universities & selected oversea universities.


Foundation programs fast-track private university programs provided by private universities and colleges in Malaysia which allow students to complete the pre-university program within a year and continue degree at the same university. Foundation programs approved by MQA (Malaysia Qualification Agency) allow students to transfer between universities for their higher education. Which means, you can do foundation studies at one university then continue degree at different university. 

Foundation studies are geared toward specific degree or field of study. The subjects will be focussing on the chosen field of study as preparation for specific degree programs. There are Foundation in Science, Business, Information technology 9IT), Arts, Design and more being offered at private universities in Malaysia.

Duration   :
12 months

Exam Structure  :
Combination of coursework & exam

Grading System :
Varied depending the institution

Offered by   :
Private Universities

Cost of Study   :
High-cost (RM 6,000 to RM 30,000)

Suitable for   :
Students who had decided to study at private university and for specific degree


Diploma is another option for SPM leavers to pursue higher education on more practical approach and considered to be equivalent to first year of degree. This program will allow students to start working right after diploma if they wish to. Besides, it is an industry oriented program that train students more on practical skills and knowledges compared to other pre-university programs which focusses more on theoritical and exam based modules. Students completing diploma can get credit exemption up to 1 year for degree when they continue their studies.

For government polytechnic / IPTA diploma programs, students are required to apply through UPU integrated online application system. Meanwhile for private university / colleges diploma program, students can apply straight to the institution. Now, students can also apply through us and get more discounts and cashback!

Duration   :
2.5 - 3 years

Exam Structure  : 
30% - 40% Coursework & 60% - 70% Examination

Grading System :
Overall Subject Grade Point (CGPA) (Maximum 4.0)

Offered by  :
Local & Private University and Colleges

Cost of Study :
High-cost (PTPTN Available)

Suitable for :
Those want to learn practical skills and start work earlier


AUSMAT & SAM are Australia based pre-university program which accepted in Australia universities and several other countries including Malaysia for tertiary education. It is also being the high in-demand program among students in Malaysia due to the program structure, acceptance and quality.

Duration  :
10 - 12 months

Exam Structure  :
AUSMAT (50% Courseworks & 50% Exam); SAM (70% Courseworks & 30% Exam)

Grading System :
Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) system. Maximum score is 99.95%.

Offered by  :
Private Universities

Cost of Study     :

Suitable for   :
Those who like continuous assessment via class-based tests, research papers and assignments, with a balanced contribution from the final exams.


Canadian Pre-University Program known as CPU are Canada based program which also widely accepted in many countries. It leads to an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, which is awarded to Canadian students who successfully complete 12th Grade. Students who take this will usually go on to pursue a degree from a Canadian or American university. CPU emphasises more on interactive learning, with a high focus on individual and group collaboration activities and assessment. 

Duration  :
12 months

Exam Structure  :
70% Courseworks & 30% Exam

Grading System :
Average Percentage Across All Subjects

Offered by   :
Private University and Colleges

Cost of Study  :

Suitable for :
Those who prefer courseworks and continuous assessment more than examination

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