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Not Sure What Course To Study?

Published by Farah on 24 Feb, 2019

Here's Simple 3 Easy Steps You Can Try

Are you feeling lost after completing high school on what to do next and which course to choose for higher education? You don't have to feel weird or wrong for being lost at this crucial part of your life where you make one of the most dificult, yet important decision.

Here's our simple guideline to assist you in planning this challenging journey! Just try out the three easy steps below.



Nobody else knew better about your interest, needs and passion than yourself. All you need to do is first sit down and get your own space to question your inner-self. 

Just ask some simple questions below:

1. What is the ultimate goal in your life which you wish to achieve before age of 50?

2. What kind of experiences you would like to have in this life?

3. What are the contribution you would like to leave to this world or for the people around you?

4. What kind of environment you would like to work?

5. Which subject or field you believe you can do well easily?

6. Recall about the interest, hobbies and soft-skills you have? What type of job can utilize the talents within you?


There are various effective personality tests available online for FREE to assist students like you! You just have to spend some time in doing the test and understand the personality traits you get as the answer. There traits can help you better understand about your workstyle, interest and as well as weaknesses to avoid you from choosing the wrong field.

But before you do the test, ensure that you follow the time limit set to answer the test and be honest to yourself since there is no need for you to impress anybody by faking the answer. Choose the answer which more likely reflect you and not the answer which you wish to be or do. 

Here are some effective personality test tools being used worldwide:

1. 16 Personality Traits [Link]

2. Holland Codes (RIASEC) Personality & Career Test [Link]


This is a very crucial stage in your life as we stated earlier. So do more research before making a decision!
Now you have to make a choice of course/program and select an university to pursue the dream.
Below are the important informations you have to search for it:
1. What is the career pathway for the chocie you made?

2. Where you can start the journey with your latest qualification and result?

3. Which university / college offering the course you are interested in?

4. What are the course / program structure and what is the benefit you get from the chosen programs?

5. Is the programs accredited by regulatory bodies and industries? 

6. What is the cost of study and cost of living at the selected university / college?

So, where you can search all this info?
You can get all what you look for easily on our website!

1. For information about field of study / career [Click Here]
2. For program / course search [Click Here]

3. To get details about any university / college [Click Here]

4. To compare selected course between institutions [Click Here]

5. Decided on course and university? Just create a profile and start applying! [Click Here]



Just relax!
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