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Drop-out From School? What can you do next?

Published by Farah on 24 Feb, 2019

Are you someone who dropped out of school? College? Lost track of your interest in studying or clueless on what to study? Worry not, we are here to suggest you couple of ways to seek help and guidance to get yourself on track!
Seek for a counselling session with your school or college counsellor. Be open and express your concerns and challenges that you are facing to complete your education. You may face challenges such as family issues, financial issues, lack of motivation or health problems? A counsellor is well trained to guide you according to your situation and will be able to provide with good solutions.
Seek A Senior Or Mentor
Approach a senior or a person who may provide you with advises on how to overcome the challenges you face. Someone’s experience can be your reference to your academic life. They might give you tips and tricks on how to survive and completing your education
Enrol Into Short Courses/Professional Certificates
Enrol for short courses with duration of 3-6 months up to 12 months
Some of the short courses available:

English Language
Designing skills certificates
Music courses
IT related certificates
Business studies certificate
Part Time Courses

If you happen to be working, you may want to look for part-time courses that would be suitable for you. Part time courses are common among working adults who work in the weekdays and attend classes during the weekend. Contact us for more details

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