About The Course

A business degree will provide you with various skills for your career in numerous fields. You will be equipped with communication, presentation, written, problem solving, critical thinking and creative thinking skills. A background in business will open doors to business opportunities worldwide.

What will I learn?
Business Administration is one of the core business programmes and among the most popular fields of study favoured by students. Business Administration programmes focus on how organizations operate: what they do, how they do it, strategies, management styles, etc.

This programme is unique in its approach to management, leadership, and entrepreneurship in the business profession. With eight majors including Entrepreneurship, Finance and Banking, Human Resource Management, Islamic Finance & Banking, International Business, Marketing, Management and E-Commerce, this programme prepares students for management positions or professional careers in various sectors.

What are the majors of this programme?

The Entrepreneurship major provides students with not only the skills and abilities to develop market and manage their own business but they can also apply for a career with companies and make existing businesses more productive. Students will be required to develop business plans, the goals of the business and the plan on how to achieve them. You will also develop skills in creative thinking, communication, decision making, time management etc.

The Finance and Banking major educates students towards understanding the financial aspects such as the operations of financial institutions and markets and also the financial management of business operations. Students will learn the process of planning, directing, monitoring, organizing and controlling the monetary resources of an organization. Students will also get some insights into banking, investments, insurance, tax, loans etc.
The Islamic Finance and Banking major is similar to the Financial and Banking major. The difference is that students will learn the financial aspects based on the Islamic modes. With Malaysia poised to be the International Islamic Finance hub, this programme would provide you an edge to excel in the financial industry.

The Human Resource Management major trains students on people management skills. Students will need to know how employees in an organization can stay motivated to accomplish organizational goals. There are ways to attract, reward, develop and retain human resources of a company. An organization needs a quality workforce to make sure they can function at the top of their game. Without the human capital, the organization will not be able to achieve their targets.

The International Business major will let students adapt themselves with the methods to the needs of foreign environments. International business requires special skills to achieve international goals of the organization. Students will learn in detail of business approach according to countries which means that they will have to understand the culture, politics, language, customs, so on and so forth. Graduates of this programme will get the chance to work across borders and deal with representatives from other countries.

The Marketing major prepares students to reach out to the audience or consumers in the market. To market products and services, particularly over competitors, students will learn the techniques of convincing people to purchase them. This major is the most creative amongst the others as you will be involved in advertising, marketing campaigns, developing marketing materials and also work with the media for a given product.

The Management major is beneficial for students as their prime major. Student will be exposed to effective teamwork, leadership, organizational culture, strategic planning and human resource management. Careers for this major are found in all industries because experts in this field are essential to the success of all organizations.

The E-Commerce major will appeal to students who are interested in the technology side of business operations. E-Commerce can serve as an innovative tool to reach customers globally. E-business is now evolving and internet sales are the newest trend. Students will spend most of their time working with computers and putting their creative skills to develop online advertisements, websites, social media page and so on.

What you Learn

Year 1
Mata Pelajaran Umum (General Subject), Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Business Mathematics, Introduction to E-Commerce, Introduction to Financial Accounting, Introduction to Statistics, Office Application Technology, Organizational Management, Report Writing, Interactive Skills

Year 2
Basic Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics, Business Law, Financial Management, Cost Accounting, Research Methods, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, Professional Communication, Major Electives I & II

Year 3
Strategic Management, Knowledge Management, International Business, Major Electives III & IV, Free Electives, Industrial Training/Project Paper I & II

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Future Pathway

Apart from having your own business, Business Administration graduates are highly sought after by employers from various industries:

  • Retail/Merchandise
  • Banks/ Financial Services
  • Printing/Publishing
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Branding Agencies
  • Consulting Firms
  • Property/Real Estate
  • Information Technology
  • Education
  • Established corporations

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