About The Course


MAHSA University’s Diploma in Nursing is a practical and highly sought-after 3-year programme created with the SPM-leaver in mind. Complete in every way, it is the perfect course for individuals who have a keen interest in caring for patients who are suffering from illnesses in hospitals or in medical care settings such as hospices and emergency medical centres, both in the public and private sectors.

Students will be immersed in the study of core medical subjects such as the human anatomy, biology, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology, and safety and health standards and procedures. Additionally, they will also learn the necessary support subjects such as communication techniques, psychological support for the sick and their families, English language, and computer technology.

At the end of the programme, students will be employment-ready, as they will know how to assess and plan nursing care needs and requirements; provide essential pre-surgical and post-surgical care; monitor and administer a comprehensive list of medicines, medications and intravenous infusions and transfusions; take temperatures, pulses, blood pressures and biological samples; write and keep medical records and organise their own and others' work duties.

Most significantly, MAHSA's Diploma in Nursing students will know how to give invaluable emotional support and medical advice to patients and their families.

Entry Requirement

5 Credits in Mathematics, Science (Biology / Physics / Chemistry / General Science (Sains Am), Bahasa Malaysia (local candidates) AND 2 other subjects (local candidates) / 3 other subjects (international candidates).

Pass in English & Sejarah (local candidates).

In addition to the above requirements, Foreign Candidates MUST obtain :
English Proficiency is required for countries whereby medium of instruction is not in English: Pass in English (O-Level or equivalent to SPM 1119)
IELTS 5.5; OR  TOEFL 550; OR


Health Status
*Students must be certified medically fit by a registered Medical Practitioner recognised by the     recruiting institution
*Student must not have any physical or impaired senses that hinders Nursing dexterity
*Students with the following medical conditions,  HIV AIDS,  Hepatitis B or C, mental disorders,  *Epilepsy and other chronic diseases cannot be admitted into the programme

What you Learn

Semester 1
  • Anatomy & Physiology NURH 1014
  • Nursing Science 1 NURS 1013
  • Psycholofy & Developmental Psychology & Sociology NURB 1013
  • Communication, Relationship, Counselling & Professional Development NURB 1023
  • Pharmacology 1 NURH 1021
  • Nursing Practice 1 NURP 1014


Semester 2

  • Anatomy & Physiology 2 NURH 2033
  • Mircobiology & Parasitology NURH 2042
  • Pharmacology 2 NURH 2052
  • Nursing Science 2 NURS 2023
  • Introduction to Surgical Nursing NURS 2032
  • Nursing Practice 2 NURP 2024


Semester 3

  • Gastrointestinal Nursing NURS 3042
  • Cardiovascular Nursing NURS 3052
  • Respiratory Nursing NURS 3062
  • Autoimmune, Haemopoietic & Oncology Nursing NURS 3072
  • Integumentary, Burns & Scaids, Fluids & Electrolyte NURS 3082
  • Environmental Health, Epidemiology & Nutrition NURH 3062
  • Nursing Practice 3 NURP 3034



  • Renal & Genitourinary Nursing NURS 4092
  • Obstetric & Gynecological Nursing NURS 4103
  • Paediatric Nursing NURS 4112
  • Community Health Nursing NURS 4122
  • Neurological & Endocrine NURS 4132
  • Nursing Practice 4 NURP 4046


Semester 5

  • Musculoskeletal & Geriatic Nursing NURS 5142
  • Ophthalmologic & Otorhinolaryngological Nursing NURS 5152
  • Mental Health Nursing NURS 5172
  • Emergency & Intensive Nursing NURS 5162
  • Nursing Practices NURP 5056


Semester 6

  • Nursing Management NURB 6033
  • Nursing Management & Medico Legal Aspects NURB 6042
  • Research & Nursing Statistics NURB 6052
  • Nursing Practice 6 NURP 6086

Accreditation & Advantages

  • MQA/FA9489

Fee & Financial Aids

RM 36,600


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Financial Aids / Scholarship

Malaysia students are eligible to obtain PTPTN loan for this program. 

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Future Pathway

Diploma graduates are employed in public and private hospitals, nursing homes, day care centres, haemodialysis centres, health centres (public), armed force clinics and hospitals, and Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli (JHEOA) Hospital.

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